By upcycling old newspaper racks, Impact Racks is changing the world one metal box at a time.

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A row of newspaper stands

Remember newspapers? These things are going the way of the dinosaurs, but they were everywhere. In towns from the size of Mayberry to Manhattan, newspaper racks stuffed full of pages filled the sidewalks in front of businesses, government offices and just about anywhere else. And now…well, they’re just sort of in the way. Impact Racks addresses that issue.

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Rows of orange newspaper racks

Impact Racks are completely handmade and customized. And now, they’re not made for newspapers anymore. They can be turned into record player stands, sidewalk libraries, community food pantries or decorative storage boxes with two large compartments. If you didn’t know you were looking at an old newspaper rack, someone might need to tell you for you to figure it out. That’s how transformed these look.

Rows of orange and blue magazine racks

Here’s how it works. The Impact Racks team collects retired newspaper racks from all over, retrieving from towns and cities hundreds of miles away from where the company is located. These racks are then taken to the shop to be upcycled.

A yellow box filled with food called as a Little Pantry

Next, the entire box is sanded down and painted in a new vibrant color shade. From here, the box is transformed into a unique storage space and stand that can be used as a small bedside table or another piece of furniture.

Three different paper racks, a red one, a yellow one, and a turntable one

Everything is made with recyclable materials and each one of these boxes is eco-friendly. Every time one of these old newspaper racks is purchased, another 85 pounds of metal is kept out of the landfills. That’s the kind of change that really can make an impact. Impact Racks shows how old items can become new again, transforming and changing instead of winding up in a landfill.

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