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Hagit Morevski, Tali Shaul, Scrapyard, Salvaged Bus, Israel, Housing Crisis, Mobile Home, Motorized Home

Tali Shaul, a psychotherapist, and Hagit Morevski, an ecological pond water treatment specialist, became friends after their two sons started playing together. Sharing similar views, the two spent a long time looking for a creative project or joint business idea they could work on together. Inspiration finally came from an article about alternate housing solutions in a woman’s style magazine.

That same week, Shaul and Morevski went to a scrapyard and bought an old public transportation bus. To give the home a more original feel, they decided to design the interior around the original layout of the bus, as opposed to turning it into a hollowed out container. This was made easier after recruiting the help of friend and designer Vered Sofer Drori.

Adapting their design ideas to fit around the existing windows, doors and the large, interior wheel arches, the team was able to preserve the bus’ unique character while also integrating a bathroom, rear bedroom, storage throughout, a full kitchen and even hot-weather luxuries like air-conditioning. Now all that’s left is to find a local buyer who isn’t able to afford their own home, but would jump at the chance to live in this one-of-a-kind motorized home.

Via TreeHugger

Photos by Lior Danzig