The iPad may be a luxury item, but One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is working on an affordable device for the developing world that combines the features of a laptop, the Kindle, and the iPad — and it might be ready as soon as January 2011. OLPC recently announced that they expect to have a working prototype of their XO-3 tablet by the end of this year, and they expect it to cost just $75.

Designed by Inhabitat favorite Fuse Project, OLPC‘s hybrid prototype tablet will utilize Marvell Moby technology, combining a 9-inch LCD (for use outdoors) with a glass screen. The final version will hopefully feature an unbreakable plastic screen and will be just half as thick as an iPhone.

We love the sleek look of the XO-3, but have to wonder if it will actually be ready by next year, and all with a price tag under $100. If it is, though, we might want one for ourselves!


Via PC World and Engadget