Fuseproject and the One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPC) just unveiled the new XO tablet, which is set to hit stores across the country this week! The powerful seven-inch Android tablet features an innovative learning interface, and it’s the only multilingual, Google-certified tablet for kids on the market.

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The new XO tablet is wrapped in protective rubber and features a carrying loop. Its content was selected for age-appropriateness by OLPC and Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that studies the effects that media and technology have on kids. The software package includes 100 free pre-loaded apps, games and books. A special application called XO Journal allows parents to keep track of how long their children use each of the apps, providing valuable information on a child’s interests.

Around 2.5 million XO Laptops have already been distributed in 60 countries by the One Laptop Per Child Association and the new $150 tablet will be launched at Walmart in the US as well as in developing countries such as Uruguay, Cambodia and Barbados.

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