Seattle-based firm Olson Kundig has revamped an old RV campground in Washington’s Methow Valley with a series of wooden huts. According to the architects, the design for the Rolling Huts, which have just 200 square feet of living space, was inspired by Thoreau’s simple cabin in the woods. The minimalist cabins are set on wooden platforms supported by large wheels in order to reduce impact on the landscape.

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cabin with protunding roof in snowy landscape

cabin with protruding roof and deck

After closing down permanently, the former RV campground was left vacant for years to let the landscape return to its natural state. Now an expansive meadow filled with natural grasses and wildflowers, the area is the perfect spot for a peaceful retreat. Unfortunately, zoning restrictions prohibited permanent structures from being built on the site prompting the Olson Kundig team to come up with an ingenious solution: putting the huts on wheels.
cabins on stilts on a grassy landscape

cabin with protruding roof and deck

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The six huts were designed to be not only low impact, but also low maintenance. Essentially steel boxes clad in plywood and car-decking, the cabins are set on wooden platforms, which are supported by four wheels. The interior finishes include simple, inexpensive materials such as cork and plywood, which were chosen for their durability. Inside the 200-square-feet tiny cabins is a serene living space with seating that faces out to the north to provide stunning views of the mountains. Clerestory windows, wrap around the walls, letting in optimal natural light. The large double-paned sliding glass doors open up to a large covered deck.

interior living space with chairs and rug

snow pile on top of roof

The six huts are all orientated to the best views of the mountains so that guests can have unobstructed views of the incredible surrounding nature. According to lead architect Tom Kundig, the cabins were designed to let people disconnect and enjoy nature, “Here, you can hear the silence; here, there exists a great escape from daily life.”

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Photography by Tim Bies, Chad Kirkpatrick and Derek Pirozzi

cabin with protruding roof and deck