Designing construction techniques can have surprisingly interesting results that are more fun and random than simply designing objects’ shapes. With this in mind, Vancouver-based Jerusalem-born Omer Arbel created a series of experimental recycled copper containers with unexpected shapes and named them 19.0. Using leftover copper, a by product of the overspill generated by the sand casting technique, the designer could create unusually shaped bowls using what otherwise would go to waste.

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Still at a prototype stage and more an experiment than a replicable product, these recycled metallic bowls are quirky and unique. Using sand casted recyclable copper gives the object a rough texture, highly contrasting with the polished inside. Weather a work of art or a randomly generated functional object, these delicate copper bowls by Omer Arbel are fantastically weird in an eco-friendly manner.

+ Omer Arbel

Photos © Omer Arbel