In the ‘Why not?’ category, industrial designer Omer Deutsch came up with a home PC that is also a planter that cools your system. The hybrid design is a component base with slots for individual hardware, topped off with a planter complete with germinated seeds and soil. Just add water and the cooling action of the damp soil keeps your processor humming efficiently.

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The computer setup is sweet in itself – the hard drive, memory, GPU and processor each plug into a separate slot, making fixes and upgrades easy. The incorporated planter is waterproof and holds a small plant that climbs like ivy. Water for the plant keeps the computer running cool as it dampens the soil, as well as when it evaporates. The design is a brilliant combination of form and function that also effectively incorporates technology with biology.

While owning one of these systems may require that you ask your neighbor to water the computer when you go on vacation, you can at least revel in the fact you’ll be able to update your memory as the plant branches out.

+ Omer Deutsch

Via Yanko Design