Britain’s MI6—now known as The Secret Intelligence Service—is regarded as one of the world’s leading intelligence agencies, and has a reputation for keeping its operations very much undercover. However, the agency is about to make certain details about its work public; specifically, details of its recycling rates and electricity, gas and water usage, as a provision of the UK’s Regulation 4 of the Environmental Information Regulations (2004). This piece of legislation essentially means that all public bodies have to reveal their environmental footprints, however secretive they may be when it comes to the rest of their operations.

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MI6’s headquarters on the banks of Thames, which has been made famous by its appearance in numerous James Bond films, is normally very quiet about what occurs within its walls, however in an interview with The Express, a Foreign Office spokesman said: “The Secret Intelligence Service is currently collating the figures related to its environmental information.”

Official figures from MI6’s sister agency MI5, which deals with domestic security, has revealed that the agency spent £3.58 million on electricity and over £215,000 on gas in 2009. It is expected that further figures are to be released later in the year. MI5 also revealed that the amount of waste produced by Security Service staff was 1,546 tons, however this is above the Government’s 55.6% ­recycling rate.

Considering that the MI6 building in Vauxhall Cross is relatively modern, one can only assume its figures would be lower – but of course this is classified! However it would be great to see them provide their operatives with green transportation. Perhaps a hydrogen-powered Aston Martin?

Speaking to The Express, Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns for Friends of the Earth said: “If security services take a lead in protecting the planet from the environmental threats it faces, the next Bond film could be called Greenfinger.”

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