The Frankfurt Motor Show hasn’t even begun, but this already appears to be the year of the electric city car concept, with multiple futuristic offerings from Audi and Volkswagen, and now Opel. The German GM brand will bring this One Euro Car electric city car concept to the show next week, to explore the company’s “pioneering role in alternative propulsion systems.” What do we know so far?

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The Opel One Euro Car is a two-seater electric vehicle. Its name was inspired by the fact that the car can travel 100 kilometers for one Euro ($1.41 US). The company has wisely focused on running costs, which is an overlooked but important aspect of promoting adoption of plug-in vehicles. We also know the One Euro Car is one-third the weight of most subcompact cars and maxes out at 75 miles per hour. Unlike previous city car concepts, this one might actually be feasible for production, and Opel says it would be affordable. Time will tell, but we’re loving the fact that so many automakers are considering downsizing vehicles as a way toward a sustainable future.

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