All green ID geniuses! All chair connoisseurs! Here’s your chance to conjure up an innovative armchair in keeping with the tenets of “good” (ie “green”) design. The One Good Chair Competition is looking for some smart new designs that balance beauty with comfort while letting sustainable forms shine through. The winning team will receive $4,500 to help realize their design as a prototype.

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I’ll never forget David Byrne’s humanist ode to the chair: “Why chairs? Well, they have arms and legs and vaguely human scale — and shape. They’re people — they hold you, support you, elevate you or humble you. They’re funny or elegant, funky or gorgeous, social or aloof.” Chairs are charged structures with a close relationship to the human form; like us they too can be responsible and efficient!

As we like to say at Inhabitat – GOOD DESIGN IS GREEN DESIGN. The One Good Chair Competition seeks to demonstrate this by instilling “good” design aspirations into that most noble form of furnishing. Contest entries will be judged according to innovation and originality in three categories: make (material conservation), feel (physical comfort), and looks (emotional resonance). Registration costs $50 and is open until May 16th, while all designs must be submitted by June 9th. Inhabitat founder Jill Fehrenbacher is one of the judges for this great competition, so we wish all our interested readers the best of luck! We’re showing a few of our favorite chairs below for inspiration.