An astonishing one out of every five households in Australia is now relying on solar energy, a new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) reveals. Just 3 years ago only 5 percent of homes used rooftop solar panels or solar water heating, but today a full 19 percent do. To put that into perspective, by most accounts, fewer than .4 percent of homes in the US rely on solar.

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Out of the 19 percent of homes using solar, 14 percent is attributed to roof panelling. “Add in solar hot water heating and we’re up to 19 per cent, so one in five households are now using some form of solar power.” said Karen Connaughton from the ABS.


South Australia has the highest number of rooftop installations with 24 percent of households using solar. Queensland comes close with 20 percent of households doing the same. But despite the huge increase in solar power, almost all of the homes in Australia use on-grid electricity to some degree. Even still, Australia’s numbers are incredibly impressive.

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Lead image via Shutterstock, image via ABS