While Barack Obama visits Copenhagen this week for the United Nations Framework Convention, he may catch a rousing and informative glimpse of a ton of CO2. And we don’t just mean “a lot” of exhaust coming out of his secret service’s cars – we mean an actual 27-foot cube of CO2. In an installation by Alfio Bonanno and Christophe Cornubert, the “CO2 Cube” is a representation of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted each month by the average person in an industrialized country, or in the case of the United States, every two weeks.

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Situated on the Saint Jørgen Lake in front of the Copenhagen Planetarium, the CO2 Cube will also act as a multimedia installation, screening video footage, real time data and statistics, images, and smart solutions with a system developed by Obscura Digital (who also did the video for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall). Supported by Millennium ART, the curator of UN conferences over the past several years, the project also has plans to install additional cubes in iconic locations all over the globe during the conference.

The renderings that have been released thus far are certainly gorgeous, and while what the end project actually looks like won’t be known until its unveiling Monday, we can imagine that the visual impact will be as impressive as what would happen if our TV grew a conscience and the ability to morph.


Via Dezeen