For moviegoers with an environmental conscience, the One Way Theatre is a brilliant mobile cinema powered entirely by solar panels! Installing four 135-Watt solar panels on the roof of their van, the solar cinema connected the panels to six deep-cycle rechargeable batteries that provide enough energy for hours of film time. Touring around the UK for the last year, the company puts on a great assortment of international films, including powerful documentaries, hilarious comedies, and creative animations.

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Screenings use a short throw rear-projector and loud speakers — and sometimes even a low-energy popcorn machine — adding a traditional flavor to alternative movie nights. The rest depends on the location, but the audience generally sits back on straw-bales set amongst lanterns.

Spotted during a DocHouse screening of Freedom Riders over in East London, the independent cinema is preparing their next batch of shows. Check out their ‘coming soon’ page to find out what’s up next for the solar theater!

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Images courtesy of One Way Theatre