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The project revitalizes a landmark CBD site, integrating 36,000 square meters of commercial office space and 6,000 square meters of retail, food and entertainment. The site is interesting in that it combines historical sites, major street frontages, a pedestrian mall, public transportation and loads of space for offices. One of the fundamental design principles was to blur the lines between the various programs, provide access in and around the site and improve the urban fabric. The resulting building is a collage of modern and historic, with a building block tower set upon the commercial pedestal. A number of the roofs are planted with vegetation for extra outdoor employee space and to serve as winter gardens.

The building’s orientation, with most of the office space lined up to the east and west, allows it to take advantage of both light and shade. By stepping the office tower, the higher portions create shade on the north side for the lower portions, but still allow in plenty of natural daylighting. Vertical louvers on the north-facing facades cut down on direct light and overheating. Additional sustainability features include a variety of transport options, like public, bicycle, end-of-trip, and reduced car parking, along with grey water storage, high performance glazing, high efficiency low temperature VAV air conditioning, heat recovery, ‘peak load’ generator topping, and waterless WCs. one40william has already achieved a 5 Star Green Star Office Design rating and targeting 5 Star Green Star Office As-Built rating.