The Cool Farm Institute has announced that it will soon introduce a free online version of its Cool Farm Tool to help farmers calculate the carbon footprint of their farm and livestock operations. The institute currently provides a free spreadsheet-based calculator originally developed by Unilever and the University of Aberdeen. The new online version will be developed jointly by two environmental consultancies, Best Foot Forward and CLM.

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According to the institute, the existing version of the Cool Farm Tool is “designed to be simple to use, but scientifically robust in the complex arena of carbon accounting.” A number of multinational companies are using it to help their suppliers in the measurement and management of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The calculator is based on a variety of published data sets on GHGs. It identifies “hotspots” in growers’ operations and “makes it easy for farmers to test alternative management scenarios and [identify] those that will have a positive impact on the total net greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Cool Farm Institute is a nonprofit organization originally started by Unilever and the Sustainable Food Laboratory and it’s now supported by a consortium of companies including Unilever, Heinz, Sysco, Ben & Jerry’s, Heineken, Stonyfield Farm Organic, Yara, Marks & Spencer, PepsiCo, Pulse Canada, GIZ, CCGA, Ambootia, Costco Wholesale, Oxfam, Sekem, and Ecom Coffee. The mission of the institute is to help growers around the globe reduce their environmental impact.

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