In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, modular design studio ÖÖD is offering a sustainable solution to those who want to feel surrounded by nature without the distractions of a traditional home office. The company’s prefab glass cabins blend into their surroundings with mirrored walls and cost about $22,000.

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glass cabin in the woods

At the forefront of the design is, obviously, the glass, which is separated into modules to allow for easy transportation and installation in virtually any setting. The glass portions are attached to a smaller bench and facade made of timber so users have a dedicated space to be outside and smell the fresh air. The minimalist office provides 113 square feet of space to mitigate distractions while also allowing enough space for essentials like desks and storage. It’s essentially a blank canvas, so in the event that a home office is no longer needed, it can be easily repurposed as a guest room or a studio.

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glass cabin with mirrored facade in a city
small wood porch on a small cabin

The company recommends a natural setting for the office so that the environment may be reflected and the office can blend into its surroundings with ease. It can just as easily be installed in a more urban area; because the mirrored walls are designed to reflect, the structure will take on the appearance of its surroundings.

wood desk and book shelf in a cabin with glass walls
wood desks and red chairs in wood cabin

Perhaps the best part, the glass allows for whoever is inside to see out while keeping their privacy with the glass mirrors on the exterior. As reported by Dwell, the glass reflects 97% of direct sunlight so the natural light won’t produce a glare on computer screens, even if a desk is placed directly against the glass. The standard office cost of $22,114 doesn’t include transport costs, though the company is planning on offering it through Amazon in the future.

wood desks along wall of glass
glass cabin with transparent walls lit up at dusk

ÖÖD has the ability to transport the office to the buyer’s preferred location in completed form, installing only the glass modules on the spot, or building the house completely onsite in the event that there is no access in the location for transportation.

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