They say pioneers are the ones with arrows in their backs, but pioneers of new technologies are sometimes the first to be able to sell new products in volume after they have proven their worth. That seems to be the case with Opel, GM’s European brand that has made a success of its Chevy Volt twin, the Ampera. Following on the heels of the Ampera’s success, Opel plans to build 20,000 new luxury fuel cell vehicles, which will harness fuel-cell technology, the latest electric batteries, and other new green tech as the first mass-market fuel cell vehicle.

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According to Opel’s deputy chairman Klaus Franz, the brand has plans to bring a luxury sedan to market by 2016 that would be, in his words, a “technological spearhead” for the brand. He sees sales of 20,000 units as being “realistic,” which is massive compared to Honda’s 200 FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicles that will be built over the next 3 years. Expect the Opel fuel cell to be based on one of the latest concept cars from the company, such as the Flextreme GT/E pictured here. We’re excited to see these plans unfold from GM’s European arm, which is known for its good designs.

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