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Pabellón Desconectado, plan:b arquitectos, temporary pavilion, sustainable materials, medellin, columbia

Plan B was asked by the fair organizers to construct a temporary pavilion built with materials donated by companies participating in the fair. These materials included a diverse mixture of same-sized panels that could be moved into different spots on the pavilion’s facade.

At night, interior lighting shines out through the translucent panels, making the cube look like a brightly lit jewel box. During the day, natural daylighting casts colorful shadows inside. Open spaces throughout the facade allow cooling breezes to entire the pavilion, eliminating the need for active cooling systems.

The project was designed so that it could be easily set up and then removed and donated to a community or a nearby neighborhood. An open, flexible floor plan allows the temporary pavilion to be used for product launches, parties, meetings and much more.

Via Platforma Arquitectura

Images ©Sergio Gomez