Architecture for Humanity, in partnership with Orient Global, has launched the latest Open Architecture Network Challenge, and this time they’re calling on all designers to redesign the global classroom of the future. Entries may be developed in collaboration with a school of the designer’s choosing, or under the guidelines of one of the three school building partners, including an urban classroom upgrade in India and a modular and relocatable classroom design. The designer must work with students and teachers to address the unique challenges your school faces in trying to provide smart, safe, and sustainable learning spaces. The registration deadline is May 1, 2009, and all entries are due June 1, 2009. Read on for more details or visit the Open Architecture Network for the full competition outline.

The 2009 Open Architecture Challenge invites the global design and construction community to collaborate with primary and secondary school teachers and students to create safer, healthier and smarter learning environments. Teams can partner with a school of their choice or design a classroom for Orient Global’s school-building partners.

This year’s jurors currently includes Dave Eggers, Michelle Kaufmann, Hilary Cottam, Kigge Hvid and others. More will be added over the course of the registration period. The winning designer/school team will be given up to $50,000 in funding for classroom construction and upgrading, plus a design grant of $5,000 for the designer to help the school complete the project.

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