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The focal point that differs from present day libraries is the building’s unique covered outdoor lobby. Named “The Feed,” visitors are greeted with strips of LED signs that constantly spew data feeds. Library information, local weather, and events are also joined by excerpts from literary works, internet data and local facts, diversifying the information constantly streaming across the signs. The LED signs are encased in the class enclosure, which is naturally day light and ventilated with wind currents. Combining technology with green design.

The Feed continues inside, leading visitors into each floor of the library, bringing data on library happenings, open rooms, private areas and other information, as well as connecting the natural light and ventilation source to other areas inside. As The Feed continues, it brings visitors to the roof, for a unique subset of outdoor reading rooms, which give a breath of fresh air while visitors study. With a bird’s-eye view of Sydney, the roof is planted with greenery and offer visitors private places to read, while also using technology to monitor weather, traffic and bird habits.

The innovative project would transform the traditional model of a library into a living lab that combines social activity and technology with green design.

+ MODU Architecture

+ Future Green Studio

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