Sloping towards the open sea, Oppenheim‘s luxurious mixed-use tower for the United Arab Emirates is both elegant and a model of efficiency. If you look closely, the pixelated residences comprising the development sprawl fluidly away from the lush garden oasis hidden at its base and onto the sandy beach. The design was conceived specifically to maximize the quantity of units available on the water while minimizing the amount of energy used.

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In terms of sustainability, the building will have its own solar and wind arrays to generate power for inhabitants. The building’s shape will allow it to be cooled by natural breezes decreasing the amount of energy used on air conditioning. There will also be systems in place to recycle the water flowing through the site.

The sloping façade of the development will provide protection from the hot desert sun while also allowing for maximized daylighting. Another unique feature of the building’s interesting shape is that there will be a verdant botanical paradise sandwiched between the two halves of the tower. It’s unclear as to whether the garden will also help cool the building in some way, but it will certainly provide a shady respite for residents looking to escape the heat of the beach.

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