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The pavilion sits at the center of a 21-acre park surrounded by a soccer field, basketball courts, a playground, and a picnic area. Designed for various activities and capable of hosting multiple activities at once, the pavilion is set up for educational or cultural programs, community events, and parties. The building is composed of two elements – an airy, light-filled space for activities, and a stone building that houses a kitchen, offices, bathrooms and storage. Cedar beams form the cantilevered roof of the open floor plan activity room, with floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in lots of natural daylight.

As far as sustainable design, the project was sited away from an existing Magnolia tree grove and oriented to take advantage of the sun. Large roof overhangs and sun shades keep the building cool during the summer while providing ample daylighting, while the roof has a cool coating to reduce heat gain. Bioswales located on three sides of the building collect and treat stormwater runoff, and low-VOC materials, sealants and paints were used to improve indoor air quality. The building’s energy performance is 16% better than California energy code, and CO2 sensors monitor the air to provide good indoor air quality.

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Images © Sharon Risedorph