StudioPod is small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but big enough to provide a comfortable workspace. This is an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) with tons of possibilities, a self-contained pod that can be whatever you want.

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A black cube home in a field

StudioPod can be assembled anywhere. No matter where you put it, this pod becomes a private space that can be used for work or fun. The weight of everything you put inside the pod will be evenly distributed. It only takes a day or two to completely build this pod and it can be used immediately once it’s up. Designed by Autonomous, StudioPod has a closet, desk, bookshelf, TV stand, a coffee table and a sofa bed. There are sockets and connections for all the HVAC and electricity you might need to access.

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The side of a tiny black home with a window propped open

Additionally, the exterior of the pod is covered with aluminum to provide tough waterproof, weather-resistant construction. Honeycomb paper was used for the insulation. The material also creates a soundproofing layer. And everything is built on a steel frame. The glass is 8 millimeters thick and tempered for strength. The foundation of the pod, which measures 12.9 by 8.8 feet, can support up to four tons of weight including the body of the pod, which measures 12.5 by 8.4 feet.

An office area in a tiny home

Furthermore, the interior is light, bright and simple. It’s designed with storage shelves, a closet space and a long, wide shelf near the TV area. Meanwhile, the desk is positioned in front of a window.

A living room adjoined to a workspace

All in all, the design is simple, but attractive, elegant in its way. StudioPod will look nice anywhere you put it. The design can be placed on level ground or sloping ground as needed. And from there, you can do whatever you want. Turn this pod into a private workspace, an exercise room, a quiet escape from the world, whatever you want. Small, self-contained units like this are becoming more popular all over the world as people recognize the value of pod spaces like this one.

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