For people who are looking for stylish sustainable clothing, such things can be difficult to find in smaller cities – especially for men. In smaller towns where your only option is your local shopping centre, chain stores may be all that’s available. This is why it’s so important that the major chain clothing stores start to make the push to go green. It may be baby steps for now, but we are happy to announce that the Gap, the original jeans and t-shirt company, will be filling that void with their new line of organic cotton t-shirts.

Thanks to growing consumer demand, and as part of their interest in responsibly produced products, organic t-shirts will now be available at Gap stores all across North America. The t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton free of environmentally harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The cotton has not been chemically dyed or bleached in order to preserve the natural colors and qualities of the fiber. The men’s t-shirts will come in three styles: crew-neck, v-neck and tank, and will include a handtag indicating its qualities.

The move to organic fabrics from such a large-scale clothing retailer is an interesting and welcome one. We can only hope that the retailer will expand such lines to their other product selections and other stores in the group such as Banana Republic and Old Navy. And speaking of consumer demand, can we get a Gap here in Australia? My girlfriend would kill for one.