It’s been almost a year since we first fell in love with kirei, the natural fiber board made from discarded sorghum stalks. It’s been spotted most frequently in the media inside Iannone:Sanderson’s eye-catching Mod Coffee Table, but that’s not the only place to find kirei. At CA Boom, I found a line almost entirely dedicated to this distinct material: Organo Natural.

Organo produces furnishings and home accessories that take advantage of the natural straiations in kirei to create beautiful stripes and angles. I loved their coffee tables and stools, but was especially fond of their hanging box shelves and multi-tiered baskets (macrame not included). The whole exhibit booth was actually constructed from kirei, creating a mini-world of pinstripe fiberboard. And at last I was able to confirm that indeed, though the surface appears to be as
porous as corrugated cardboard, it’s actually smooth,
firm, and well-sealed with non-VOC adhesives.

+ Organo Natural