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Origin is the latest installation by United Visual Artists (UVA) to explore and create large-scale responsive LED sculptures. Built from 125 two-meter cubic spaces, Origin is at once both a sculpture and a living being. Linear LED strips are mounted in the cubic lattice network and controlled via computer in a multitude of patterns, rhythms and moods. There are different programs for when Origin powers up, is thinking, working hard, arguing, sleeping, breathing, resting, singing, and much more. Scanner composed the original score for the installation and the lighting was designed to accompany it.

The 10 x 10 meter installation was set between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges on the East River shore, and is a reflection of the city’s infrastructure. Visitors to the installation watched from each side as well as inside the installation, while Origin displayed its powers. The responsive structure pulsed and vibrated around you, changing colors and making you unsure whether you were making it work or if it was acting of its own accord. The project was part of The Creators Project New York event, and it was a responsive installation meant to explore our society’s acceptance of a technocratic life form. Origin is UVA’s vision of what a computerized god would look and sound like. See more of Origin in action here.

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