It seems a lot of contemporary designs take inspiration from the classic toys of our childhood; the Turn Your Head pirolettes and the Lovetann modular home are just a few we’ve covered recently. The Otto Chair undoubtedly falls into the “evolved kid-toy” category, with unusual, rounded shapes that fit into one another like the oversized 3-D wooden puzzles we used to play with. Industrial designer (and contributing voice of MocoLoco) Greg Ball, developed the Otto Chair as a concept piece that functions as both furniture and sculpture. The chair is accompanied by an ottoman that fits inside the base of the chair for storage.

At Ball’s site, you can see a 5-part cycle of development for the Otto chair, complete with images and brief descriptions of each phase of design. This is a nice overview that reminds us that even when the final product resembles a toy, the work required to arrive there is anything but child’s play.