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In desperate need of a complete renovation for their outdated two-storey home, the owners specifically sought out a construction company that would provide an environmentally-friendly rebuilding process using locally-sourced materials. The project began with a massive gutting of the old materials and replacing the structural base with Douglas Fir Framing lumber and beams certified under the Sustainable Forest Initiative. In fact, not only are the building materials locally sourced in California, but all of the wood materials were sourced within 22 miles of the project, consciously reducing transportation costs and harmful effects on the local environment.

Along with Douglas Fir, California Redwood was widely integrated into the interior and exterior design. The dining room plinth, kitchen island countertop and master bathroom bench were constructed with Redwood milled just 13 miles from the project. Incredibly, the most stunning feature was donated by the local California Redwood Company: a beautiful new deck with an expansive ocean view.

On the interior, the house has taken on a new contemporary style with floor to ceiling windows permitting natural light to flow into the home, further connecting the entire living space with the natural environment. The interior trim window treatment, sills, valance and baseboards are made of local Monterey Cypress and vertical grain bamboo was used in the interior staircase risers and treads.

To combat the typical moist climate found in Northern California, a radiant heating system was installed to provide healthy indoor air quality and prevent moisture and mold issues. The second story flooring is made of sustainable cork and uses a Warmboard radiant sub floor for heating.

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