Sure, you’ve heard of the insular and aesthetic merits of green roofs. How about green walls? Enter Oulu, an eco-chic bar and lounge situated in southern Williamsburg. Designed by architect, sustainability expert, and Inhabitat contributor Evangeline Dennie, Oulu takes a literal approach to fresh design. Wrapped in a herbaceous façade, the LEED gold certified building bears its green cred for all to see.

Living walls were first conceptualized and constructed by French botanist Patrick Blanc. His Vertical Garden System is a lightweight support and irrigation system that allows buildings to reap the benefits of green roofs on all sides. The soil-free living walls provide thermal and acoustic insulation, purify the air, and add a lovely dose of levity to dense urban spaces.

At Oulu, all of these benefits are backed up by a structure built from the ground up with sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. The 2,500 square foot bar features sheet rock recycled from industrial material, biodegradable ceramic tiles, and a sleek interior constructed from wood that is Forest Stewardship Council certified. The paint is low-VOC with a milk-based pigment, and natural mica panels contribute to the luminous interior mood lighting. Incredible work Evangeline!

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Photos by Gates