Are you sickened by the amount of power that’s consumed by all of the electronics in your life? This Outlet Regulator sure is, and it’s certainly not going to hold back any of its feelings. A working concept designed by RISD student Conor Klein, this device lets you know when your electronic gadget has had its fair share of juice by physically spitting its greedy plug out onto the floor.

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Most of us don’t have the time to watch our devices as they charge, and many aren’t aware that devices still consume energy when plugged in — this product removes all that irksome mystery. By using a timer circuit and electro-mechanics, the Outlet Regulator is able to eject a plug from the wall outlet, stopping all of those unecessary kilowats and dollars from pumping up your electric bill. An undoubtedly ingenious design, we could easily see it blurting out “BLAAH!” or “PATOOIE!” as one commenter suggested.

+ Conor Klein

Via Gizmodo