Looking to burn a little rubber while also burning some calories? Outrider USA manufactures and sells their Ultralight Adventure Vehicles that let you pedal while reclining comfortably on their electric hybrid bikes. Each of their four recumbent bikes features three wheels for stability and dynamic handling; they’re assembled here in the United States, and they expel zero tailpipe emissions. With the advantages of an electric bicycle, riders can cruise up to 40 mph with 100 miles of range.

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Many cyclists have experienced the danger of traveling at a rate slower than the automobile traffic around them. Frequently pushed off of the road by faster cars, a little extra boost could help many riders keep pace with drivers. All of the Outrider Transition Series vehicles can operate in pedal, pedal-electric, and full electric modes. Able to reach speeds ranging from 30-40 mph, the 311 Solo, 411 Hyperlite, 422 Alpha, and Custom versions all come fully assembled in a crate, hand-crafted in Fletcher, North Carolina.

Power settings let the rider adjust their electricity usage, allowing for as much or as little assistance desired. Charging time for the lithium polymer battery takes about 90-180 minutes from zero to full capacity from a standard 110V outlet, and an onboard computer keeps tracks of miles ridden, speed, and battery efficiency. A 3-phase brushless DC motor is guaranteed to be maintenance free. The frame reaches from 73-78”, is completely waterproof for all weather conditions, and weighs in at 86-105kg depending on the model.

The vehicles start at around $7,000 and can be ordered through the Outrider USA website.

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