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The southern-most area of the home holds the multi-use dining and lounge room. This unique area features a collapsible clear glass wall that can be opened up to the wooded area behind the house. Nature is most prominent in this room, which features green floors that not only include small plants to purify the air, but also provide a fun communal area for the family to grow a sustainable garden of vegetables and herbs.

Inside the house, Skylights dictate the atmosphere throughout the more private areas as there are no other windows in the building. Natural light pours into the sitting room and bedrooms through both the ceiling and the open south wall. The home is passively warmed and cooled by the concrete saw-tooth beams surrounding the skylights on the ceiling and the exterior concrete walls.

The common area continues to foster the home’s connection with nature through its simple wooden architecture. The space is also flexible – it contains the kitchen and another open wall that unifies the whole home and allows for a number of functions or entertaining. The most private rooms – the bedrooms and bathrooms – are located on the north end of the house by another larger garden behind the building.

The Outside In House is one of many eco-friendly homes created by Takeshi Hosaka – he also designed its opposite twin, the Inside Out House, and one of our favorites, the Room Room House.

+ Takeshi Hosaka

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Images via Takeshi Hosaka