ENTER Studio and OBR just unveiled an ornamental Baroque garden with modern and playful flair. Created for the famous international flower show Euroflora 2018 in Genoa, Italy, the pop-up landscape—known as “Locus Amoenus”—comprises 1,200 white pinwheels arranged like a floating flowerbed encircling a timber patio. The project was created as part of the show’s “Wonder in the Parks” competition, which challenges designers to rethink the concept of a garden.

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Children entering Locus Amoenus by ENTER Studio and OBR

1,200 pinwheels Locus Amoenus by ENTER Studio and OBR

Locus Amoenus—Latin for “pleasant place”—is a phrase referring to an idealized place of comfort that has been used through the ages, from Homer to Shakespeare. According to the project statement: “Locus Amoenus is the result of a reflection on the relationship between project and context. In particular, it is the setting of the historic park that has led to the reinterpretation of some of the frequent components in the tradition of designing green areas.”

Euroflora 2018 Locus Amoenus by ENTER Studio and OBR

site plan Locus Amoenus by ENTER Studio and OBR

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The interactive installation comprises three components: the Field, the Pinwheel Garden, and the Patio. The Field refers to the grassy open site; the Patio is the circular wooden platform punctuated in the center by the Baroque-inspired water tank and calla lily flowers; and the Pinwheel Garden recalls the traditional ornamental gardens with 1,200 white flower-like pinwheels of varying heights that give the project its playful feel.

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Images by Anna Positano