If the overwhelming number of gas-guzzling yellow cabs on the streets of New York is as sobering to you as it is to us, you’re in luck- OZO Car provides the perfect green alternative to on-call car services. As the Prius takes the cake for one of the most successful and earth-friendly automotive trends in history, we’re thrilled to see fleet companies like PlanetTran (in SF) and OZO Car (in NYC) jumping on the band wagon and providing green taxi and car services for the masses.

I recently took an Ozo car to the airport for a trip, and since then I’ve become an instant convert – substituting Ozo car as often as I can afford for regular yellow cabs. The price is only a little bit more than a regular car service, but for that extra buck you get a lot of bang: a smooth and sustainable ride in the back of a beautiful Prius, free Wifi and – the best part – the use of the internet on a mac laptop in the backseat.

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OZO Car, which is now up and running in the New York metropolitan area, was founded by friends Jordan Harris and Roo Rogers in 2005 with the goal of providing customers with style, service, and sustainability. Their fleet consists of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles, and each vehicle comes equipped with an Apple iBook, high-speed wireless connections, 200+ satellite radio stations, and even refreshments.

“New Yorkers are smart and they deserve a smarter alternative,” says Founder Roo Rogers. “Our Cars are not only better for the environment, they are hip and fun and filled with added extras you can’t get with any other car service—it’s guilt free luxury.”

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