Dutch designer Sam van Veluw has developed a new way to answer the call of nature at outdoor events and venues. After a long search for a public restroom at a music concert one evening, he came up with the concept of strapping a waterless urinal onto a tree. These would be simple to install and can relieve the pressure on porta-potties (we had to use the pun) at public events. Its practical application may be questionable, but it is a refreshing approach to what can be a pressing problem.

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Although at first glance this concept does not seem to be fair for women’s needs, the good news is that the P-Tree can reduce the queue at the porta-pottie. The inventor suggests that it can be hooked up to a central sewer system, but an onsite infiltration system would be a great way to safely dispose of the liquid and nourish the trees with nitrogen at the same time! This would reduce the chemical and waste processing involved at public events. As for using the P-Tree at your next happening – we suggest looking into your local indecent exposure laws first.

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