Common corrugated cardboard finds a new life in this elegant outdoor pavilion composed of an array of cut paper cylinders. Designed by ETH Zurich students Min‐Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi, the semi-spherical pavilion is made from 409 circular cardboard pieces connected together with ties. Spotted on Dezeen, the project was digitally designed using CAAD software, which opens up exciting new possibilities for structures made from biodegradable paper pulp.

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The Packed Pavilion was unveiled as part of the 3D paperArt exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts during the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Each of the pavilion’s circular components is formed from 28 layers of cardboard that were cut and composed into building elements by a computer-controlled machine. The project was also designed to be efficiently manufactured and shipped by nesting individual pieces within one another, saving on production time, material use, and shipping volume.

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Via Dezeen