Despite the hot climate, Pakistan has never really embraced solar power, instead always opting to invest heavily in nuclear technology. However it seems that all that is about to change on the heels of news that the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is aiming to build the country’s first on-grid solar electricity system over the next 12 months.

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So why after all this time is Pakistan embracing solar technology? The answers are two-fold. First, the project will be a major boon to the local economy, stimulating investment in solar production; and second, because oil isn’t going to last forever.

Speaking to Pakistan’s Daily Times, PEC chairperson Rukhsana Zuberi said that the solar smart grid would be the solution the country has been waiting for, allowing it to free itself from foreign oil. Of course, the long term aim is for Pakistan to become completely energetically autonomous, providing billions of dollars worth of investment and job opportunities to its people.

The solar system would see regular people installing solar panels on the roofs on their homes in order to generate electricity. Any excess amount would then be transferred to the main grid though an electricity meter, similar to a system already in operation in Italy. This free locals from having to pay for electricity, while also allowing them to be paid for any surplus they have created.

The PEC and the Planning Commission will be the host for the two solar electricity generation systems, which will provide 180 KW each. Not surprisingly, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company has shown interest in buying any excess energy.

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