3ndy Studio oversaw the re-design of the site and associated building works; Daverio and Milani were brought in to work their literary magic on the front cover of this new masterpiece. The cold hard sheet steel is pierced with laser-cut dates, facts and memories, and now beautiful daylight glides through the apertures, illuminating the new façade with warmth that truly glows.

These 15,000 letters and symbols were drawn (by hand) by Milani. The composition was then transferred to a computer and laser cut to cover approximately 190 corten steel panels. This combination of methodologies is a testament to the hybrid approach employed here, which spawned a new memory for generations to come.

Just as I thought corten steel was becoming the architectural equivalent of an overplayed song on the radio, a collaborative team of sculptor, art historian and architect release this laser cut remix.

+ 3ndy Studio

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Images by FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura | architectural photography

Lead photo courtesy of 3ndy Studio