How many times have you found yourself saying, “I sure wish I had a hidden drawer to keep all of my top secret documents”? Carpenter and designer extraordinaire Palo Samko must have heard you, because he created just that–an elegant chest of drawers with a cleverly concealed compartment for storing your most treasured possessions. Each bureau is made to order by Samko, who uses reclaimed materials such as plywood, pine and buttery tan leather. This chest and its secret drawer are so sweet, you may want to have a backup location for your valuables because you’ll probably end up showing all your friends!

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Although there are many fine touches included in the chest, the “Top Secret” drawer is probably the most alluring. You know how much we love design elements that offer the user more than meets the eye here at Inhabitat! “Everyone has their own little secret,” explained Palo. The unfinished, hand-stenciled and carefully camouflaged look of the drawer makes a lot of sense and adds just the right amount of personality to this extremely sophisticated piece of furniture.

Palo, who specializes in thought-provoking, whimsical furniture, designed the piece specifically for the male species, calling the collection Only Men’s. “Girls may be upset with me,” he said, “but guys need a place to keep their stuff too.” Palo may have intended his handiwork for the male gender, but the chest’s sleek lines and drawer pulls made of rich ebony are sure to appeal to the fairer sex, as well.

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