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Set amidst a heavily planted area,  the sustainable housing complex by MACK Architect(s) blends seamlessly with the plant life of the area. Pan Gyo’s common areas are heavily planted with greenery, and have shared grassy knolls. Most units also have their own private gardens, all of which help keep interior temperatures down in hot months.

The buildings are situated to make the best use of the elements. Tall buildings are placed to block cold winds in winter, while all units face the south to maximize solar energy, as well as fill each apartment with natural lighting. Each unit has natural ventilation, with fresh air flowing in through private balconies on the front façade. MACK also built stack ventilation systems in the units’ stairways to keep circulation throughout. The units are heated through radiant heat, which is collected by the solar exposure. MACK installed energy efficient roof insulation on the many levels of the roofs to control solar gain, as well as green roofs to help filter rainwater.

The resulting housing project gives residents an affordable place to live, with ample public and private green spaces, while using minimal energy.

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