According to Akihabara News, Panasonic recently unveiled a solar table at Tokyo’s Security Show that harnesses QI technology to wirelessly charge your gadgets whenever you place them on the countertop! The solar panels located at the center of the table power a system of wireless charging pads. QI’s technology supports Cell phones, mobile devices and PDAs, so users needn’t lug their heavy wall-wart chargers around anymore.

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Panasonic’s new table charges electronic devices using solar energy collected on the surface of the device. No information has been provided concerning just how long it would take to charge a gadget, nor if using the table as an actual table would inhibit its charging capabilities, since placing things on the table may block the solar panels.

In order to take advantage of the wireless charging tech, devices will need to be outfitted with corresponding QI batteries that only fit Panasonic mobile devices. Hopefully these concerns will be addressed — we’d love to see the problem of having a phone battery die while at the office or a friend’s house become a thing of the past. According to Panasonic, the table will be available in late 2011 or early 2012.

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Via Akihabara News

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