Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd has created a spectacular interactive installation of energy efficient, emotion-reading lights for the Salone del Mobile 2011 exhibition in Milan. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, the lighting installation, composed of new LED products, OLED panels, spotlights, and spatial sensors, reflects Panasonic’s intensive research into sustainable energy solutions. Scattered in individual displays throughout three levels of the Minguzzi Museum, the new products are among the world’s most low energy, efficient, and compact lights. They also have some qualities that might creep you out.

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Aiming for compactness of form, essential design, and ease of use and maintenance without compromising energy efficiency or quality of illumination, Panasonic shows just how far lighting can go. Equipped with special sensors that can adjust lighting depending on the number of people in a room, many of their products can even pick up on the “emotional” environment.

Like the tonal range of music (this year’s theme is piano-forte), Panasonic’s lighting can be expressed in a variety of ambiences. The lights will be able to sense whether the mood is bright or somber and adjust the coloring accordingly. Visitors can interact and experiment with the installation and, in Laviani’s words, “experience [the products] at first hand and thus understand them better”.

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