A new technology from Panasonic could produce clean drinking water with the purifying power of sunlight. Using a combination of sunlight and photocatalysts, the new technology quickly turns polluted groundwater into clean, drinkable water and marks a breakthrough in getting potable water to those who need it.

The system works by binding titanium dioxide (Ti02) – which reacts with uv-light – to zeolite. Scientists have attempted to harness titanium dioxide for this purpose in the past but because it is such a fine particle it disperses too quickly in water. The zeolite helps to solve that problem.

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When the Ti02 and the zeolite and agitated, the Ti02 separates, giving it a super quick reaction rate. After the water calms again, the Ti02 and zeolite re-bind which means that they can be removed easily from the water for re-use. Panasonic revealed a water purification system that shows the process at work on a small scale, but it has the potential to be used in a variety of different applications and could be a real solution for people who constantly live with dirty water.

Via Gizmag and Panasonic