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The installation echoes the native mangroves of Australia’s waterway, with branches and roots spreading out and creating a calm and safe environment for children to weave in and around the structures as they change color. Placed at Sydney Harbor as part of this year’s Vivid Festival, the installation has had a great response among the public-over 50,000 people viewed the piece on opening night alone.

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The branching structures have been digitally fabricated out of HDPE plastic, the same material milk cartons are produced from, making the installation completely recyclable. A smaller version of the piece was unveiled at the Gold Coast City Council’s Glow Festival in April in Evandale Parklands and now people of Sydney, as well as tourists, can enjoy the entire design and immerse themselves in the colorful version of Australia’s wilderness.

+ Abedian School of Architecture

+ Vivid Light, Music & Ideas Festival 2015

Photos by Peter Bennetts