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Each of Siliakus’ intricate paper sculptures takes a considerable amount of time to create. Since there’s no margin for error, the artist sometimes makes twenty or thirty studies before deciding on a final design. Using only a sharp X-acto knife, the artist carves away at both loose leaf paper and books, transforming them into scenes from MC Escher, historic churches, stately buildings and architectural day dreams.

Siliakus was inspired to create her paper architecture when studying the work of paper artist and architect Professor Masahiro Chatani. After evaluating his work for many years, she tried her hand at making her own – with architects Berlage and Gaudi as her muses.

Every one of Siliakus’ paper creations is made from a single sheet of paper. The process begins with drawing, then cutting, then folding, until a large and detailed piece is amassed. The patterns are made from scratch and carefully cut, and they evolve through trial and error.

Siliakus’ Paper Architecture has been celebrated world-wide with exhibitions in the United States and Europe, as it has been featured in books on paper art.

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