The film camera is becoming more and more of a retro novelty as digital cameras quickly snap up the masses. To pay homage to the well-loved Leica camera, London designer and photographer Matthew Nicholson has made his own 35mm camera using only paper. The life size Leica even works, but more simply as a pinhole camera.

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With a fondness for making things out of paper, Nicholson printed the pieces for the camera out of one sheet of paper. Requiring easy cutting and folding, the origami Leica is fitted with a neck strap for your convenience — also made of paper.

Although the film speed and exposure dials are just for looks, a “lens” is cut with a pinhole. Fitted with basic 35 mm roll film, the camera takes pictures by exposing the film for long periods of time.

The paper Leica M3 is just a prototype for now, but Nicholson plans to have the pattern available for download by the end of the month. Just in time to be your perfect summer art project!

+ Matthew Nicholson

Via Leica Rumors