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The client, Helgelands Kraft As, one of the largest producers of hydraulic power in northern Norway, launched a plan in 2008 to build a series of new power stations that would not only respect the existing sites, but actually mimic them in a way. Additionally, it was important that the new structures be so aesthetically pleasing that they would become a destination in themselves.

Bjørnstokk resembles a giant boulder with chunky cladding combined with glazing that permits plenty of natural lighting, while the 30GWh ØvreForsland power plant features thin strips of cladding that look just like the spruce trees behind it. The interior designs of both buildings are inspired by the northern lights. In order to promote public participation, both facilities encourage visitors to learn how hydraulic power generation is achieved. We love this concept, which is reminiscent of the Land Art Generator Initiative’s mantra that energy generation can be beautiful.

+ Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor As

Via Arch Daily