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The square addition creates a serene practice space for the client, a cello player. The room hangs like a parasite between the client’s house and a neighbor’s. A giant plate glass window lines almost the entire front of the room, drenching it with light while creating the illusion that it’s bigger than it really is. The concrete room is framed by a skewed geometric shape in the front of the house, and a smaller rectangular window along the bottom of the back of the room. The interior of the practice space is covered in a smooth anondized aluminum to enhance its acoustics.

The floor of the addition has a dual benefit, subsequently creating a carport/garage in the driveway below. Cut attached textured aluminum doors to the front and back of lower space so that when they are closed, it functions as a garage space. When they’re completely opened, the area becomes a sheltered outdoor space that opens into the backyard garden.

To match the new addition, Cut made a few renovations to the existing 1920s home. They removed hanging ceilings to reveal gorgeous birch timber. The rustic timber is highlighted with mezzanines that Cut painted in bright orange.

The new addition creates a rehearsal area that feels somewhat detached to domestic life, while allowing the client to practice without leaving her home. We have to say though, she must have a very understanding neighbor!

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