If you love getting some air between you and the ground while doing tricks on your bicycle, then you will love the Paravelo. Designed by two British men who have a passion for both cycling and aviation, this extraordinary folding bicycle comes with a trailer powered by a giant fan and a fabric wing that doubles as a tent. The flying bike’s inventors don’t necessarily promote their product for the daily commute, but they do envision a future of combining flying the Paravelo and camping – “flamping.”

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The Paravelo can be used as a standalone folding bicycle that will fit in even the tiniest apartment and on various forms of public transportation, or it can be combined with the trailer that whisks the thing into the sky at altitudes of up to 4,000 feet. There it reaches speeds of up to 25mph, whereas on the ground it travels at a fairly sluggish 15mph.

Siting the famous Wright Brothers, Yanish Read and John Foden told The Guardian that there is a real connection between cycling and the aviation industry, though they caution that it is inadvisable for anyone to purchase and fly a Paravelo without proper training – even though technically no license is required to do so! The team that makes up XploreAir has launched a kickstarter campaign that they hope will help reduce manufacturing costs of the unit to around £10,000, but in the meantime, wealthier folk can purchase their own handmade Paravelo for slightly more than that.

Via The Guardian