German startup Parce developed smart wall plugs that pick up on home energy habits to increase energy efficiency. The company calls itself “the world’s first intelligent energy-saving program for everyone” and works by allowing users to monitor and control their electricity usage remotely using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. The device can also be set up to automatically control appliances. The group is currently raising money through an online crowd funding campaign. Learn more about Parse One, the company’s first working prototype, after the jump.

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Parse One learns how and when users consume energy – when watching television or logging onto computers for example – and gets smarter over time. The program connects to Wi-Fi and wirelessly uploads reports to the Parce cloud to demonstrate how to save on energy costs and reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

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The early bird price for each plug and the app is $69. The campaign website claims that users will be able to recoup the investment on the Parce One plugs in six to 24 months of use and eventually there could be potential savings of up to $200 and more than half a ton of CO2 every year. The sockets are currently built for U.S. and EU outlets with UK, China and Australian sockets soon to come.

Parce’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has doubled its $20,000 goal, raising $40,986 from more than 500 backers with 15 days left. The money will be used to help develop the final app and cloud intelligence as well as begin manufacturing the product.

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